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You Ruined New York City For Me (2019)  

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EP | Pop | 15 mins 47 secs | 16 August 2019

“You Ruined New York City For Me” is FLETCHER’s second EP. Her hit, breakthrough single, “Undrunk” is featured on the album along with “If You’re Gonna Lie”, “About You” and “All Love”. The EP is also the first collection of work by FLETCHER released on a major label.

In a press release, FLETCHER said the following about the EP

“The whole EP is like an arc and a storyline of me moving to New York City and falling in love and having my heart broken. Each song is like a moment in time, a feeling that I felt during the course of that relationship.”

Along with the announcement of the EP, FLETCHER announced that she was going on her first headlining tour – You Ruined ____ For Me.


Type: EP (Extended Play)
Label: Capitol Records, Snapback Entertainment LLC, Universal Music Group
Writer(s): FLETCHER, AJ Pruis, Amy Allen, Derrick Southerland, Ingrid Andress, Jennifer Decilveo, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, Kara DioGuardi, Kinetics, Malay & One Love
Producers: John Ryan, Julian Bunetta & Malay
Release Date: 16 August 2019


1. “If You’re Gonna Lie” 3:23
2. “Undrunk” 3:03
3. “All Love” 3:13
4. “About You” 3:03
5. “Strangers” 3:04
Total Length:


If You're Gonna Lie
“If You’re Gonna Lie” is the second single from the EP to be released. It was released before the EP, on April 26, 2019. In a tweet, FLETCHER said that the song is the prequel to her previously released song,”Undrunk”.

The song follows FLETCHER in a difficult situation where she knows that her partner is routinely lying and cheating. Being unable to confront here, FLETCHER decides to just go with it than break up.

While talking to Billboard about the EP, FLETCHER said:

“So I wrote “Undrunk” and “If You’re Gonna Lie” back to back from one another, within a day. It was all the same group, and we were in this shitty studio in Koreatown in New York City. At the end of my relationship, I knew that I was being cheated on, and there was some sketchy stuff happening – I specifically remember waiting for the person to come home. I made dinner, and poured a glass of wine, and they just never showed up. So, I just kept drinking the wine until I finished a bottle by myself. It’s about that moment in a relationship where you know that something’s going on, but you’d rather stay with that person because of the fear of what it would be like to be without them. I spent many a night crying on the bathroom floor of my New York City apartment. So when I think of that song, I think of that bathtub, for sure.”

“Undrunk” is FLETCHER’s biggest song to date. The song was released on January 25, 2019 and sky rocketed FLETCHER to fame. It was the first song that she released under a major record label and FLETCHER’s first song to make the charts. It peaked at #63 on Billboard’s Hot 100, #8 on Billboard’s US Dance Club Songs and other charts around the world.

FLETCHER annotated the song on Genius and said:

“This song is about wishing you could undo last night, or wishing you could unlove the person that completely and utterly broke your heart. It’s like a page ripped out of my diary.”

Wish I could get a little un-drunk so I could un-call you
At 5 in the morning, I would un-fuck you

“People have the shortest attention span, and so I’m like, I have to say “unfuck” within the first 7 seconds, otherwise people are gonna be like, next, who cares, what? And so, and also it’s just like if I heard a song that says I wish I could unfuck you, I’d be like what is this, ‘cause like, same.”

Honestly, this party’s over
Everyone here shoulda gone home

“The feeling that I really wanted to capture, that I’ve had personally, so many times and I’m sure somebody else has had, that feeling where you’re leaving, after the after party’s over, and you’re leaving or you’re walking home or you’re in your cab or your Uber, or whatever, by yourself, and there’s nothing left to distract you, no like substance, alcohol, like fling or flirt or crush or anything, and you’re literally just by yourself with your drunken thoughts, swirling around in your head and there’s nothing left to distract you from that one person that just fucked you up and broke your heart. And that you just can’t really seem to get over, and that was, that moment for me, that I had so many times, after that breakup, and I just wanted to capture that pain, that you could try to cover it up with as much shit as you possibly could, but it’s like a fucking virus, that keeps on coming back.”

I start touching myself to the photos that you used to send me
I should have deleted, but kept it a secret
Is that crazy to do?

“I was really nervous to play this for my parents, ‘cause they kept asking me, they’re like, when are you gonna play us your song that’s about to come out, and I’m like, oh yeah, we’ll get to it. I’ll play it for you guys at some point. I remember the first time I played it, we were all in the car together on our way back home from dinner, and when that part came on, I literally started sneezing, coughing and sneezing, and I’m just like, not doing so good. No one can here this right now. I just spit all over myself, but yeah, it was definitely, it’s like watching a sex scene with, like in a movie, with your parents. Somebody always gets up to go to the bathroom, somebody makes another comment about something else, like you don’t don’t want to be sharing that with your mom and dad”

So I squeeze out the lime on the ice of my drink
And the juice hits the cuts on my fingers
It still doesn’t burn as much as the thought of you

“This is one of my favorite lines ever. I just am really clumsy, I also just have really dry, ugly old man hands, that I literally, I have a cut here, I feel like I’m always picking at things, and I always just have random cuts on my hands, like kinda gross, but it’s true. And I really just wanted it to be so visual and when we were taking a shot in the room, like we had lime wedges, and I had a cut on my finger and it burned, and I was like, I squeeze out the lime on the ice of my drink, but like, even that hitting the cuts on my fingers, that doesn’t even burn as much as thinking about you does.”

Wish I could get a little un-drunk so I could un-call you
At 5 in the morning, I would un-fuck you
But some things you can’t undo

“I think it’s so impossible to stop talking to an ex or somebody that you really loved at one time, especially if you’re still in love with them, and they like really hurt you, and you start finding excuses for all of the things that they did. And the stuff that they put you through. And then you also start to like, well, what did I do, that made them do this? And it’s manipulative, and it’s abusive to yourself and it’s honestly, like a drug. Like, love is such a drug, we actually, our brains release the same chemicals as a drug addict that’s going through a withdrawal. Learned that in a podcast, recently. Which is actually like we experience the same physical, biological reaction to a heartbreak, which is so crazy to me, but also at the same time, it’s not, because you literally are having withdraws from a person that you spent every waking second with, and knew every thought of, and what they were thinking, and what made them tick, and what they loved and what they hated. And to go from being so involved with somebody on such an intimate level, to then, all of a sudden, then them being a complete stranger and having no part of your life, is like a concept that will never make sense to me. And probably to anyone, and there’s nothing like that pain.”

I wish I could un-kiss the room full of strangers
So I could un-spite you, un-lose my temper

“I mean, I think when you break up with somebody, everybody sort of goes through like a different healing process through it, and sometimes you end up looking for attention right after, you know? And you try to convince yourself that you’re fine and like you wanna feel wanted. And hot and like, feel like you’re having fun and so, maybe you go out and kiss a bunch of strangers. But like, no matter what you do, they’re still not that one person. And that’s like such a sad realization at the end of the night, and I think we, you know, at times we end up like looking for that attention, not necessarily in the best place.”

But some things you can’t undo
And one of them’s you

“There’s always things that you’re gonna do that you wish you could back in time and change and undo them, and it is, it’s always the things that you feel the worst about that you wish you could undo. But, it builds character. It makes you who you are, it teaches you a lesson. You learn from it, you grow from it, and like, I think it’s really hard to see that lesson when you’re in the thick of it. But once you get some perspective, and are able to sort of see these a little but more clearly, it makes a hell of a lot more sense. And, I think, just really important to your journey. I would never go back and undo the relationship, because it taught me so much about myself that I didn’t know that I needed to know, that has since effected, like, the way that I have been in relationships and situations post that.”

You can read more about the lyrics on genius.com

All Love
FLETCHER sings about seeing her ex again for the first time in a while. Her ex is now in a new relationship. Cari wants to be happy for them, but the breakup still hurts.

FLETCHER told Billboard that because the situation (in the song) really happened, she wanted to be as honest as possible. She deliberately kept the lyrics simple and unambiguous in hopes to make it more impactful.

She also said,

“Ugh, this song wrenches my heart. This song is about the feeling you have in your stomach after you walk into a bar, and you see your ex for the first time in a while, and they introduce you to somebody new that they’re with, and you have to pretend like you’re so happy for them and everything’s really good. But in the back of my brain I’m like, “Where the hell is the tequila?” It’s about pretending to be happy for someone, and you really are, or at least you want to be. But it stings worse than that straight tequila shot. I left the bar the night that happened and had this crazy feeling in my stomach. I went into the studio the next day, and I wrote this with this amazing writer, Jenn Decilveo. The lyrics were just the things I was saying in the room: “It’s that feeling of walking into a bar, with someone holding hands, and you introduce me to her and say I’m just an old friend.” I was just like … that’s what I like to do. I just say stuff and put a melody to it. That’s the most impactful, because it doesn’t get clouded by all of this metaphorical meaning, you know? Just say what you mean!”

About You

“About You” is the third single off of the EP. FLETCHER teased the song during the “Malibu Nights” tour with LANY. The studio version was officially released on May 24, 2019.

In this song about heartbreak, FLETCHER addresses her fears of not being able to move on after a relationship. After learning that this is her brother’s favorite song, FLETCHER knew she had written something good and should release it.


“Strangers” is the last track on the EP and was released with the it. In an interview with Billboard, FLETCHER described the track as the most personal track on the entire EP. She also said,

“Strangers” was inspired by the first time my ex and I had any sort of communication, over a year after we ended. It was a Facebook message, we had sent one each back and forth to each other. So I pulled the lyrics from those messages, actually. If you listen to them, the verse lyrics are pretty specific. It’s filled with some of the things that we had said. Truly, it blows my mind how we go from being strangers, and then you spend so much time with somebody, and you get to know them on such a personal level, and then suddenly they’re out of your life again like they never existed. It’s definitely the hardest for me to sing and talk about, because it came from the realest place. All of the other songs originated from what I was feeling, and my take on the situation. But “Strangers” is the one song where it was a two-way conversation, and all things that we said to each other. It definitely has its own personality and sets itself apart from the other songs on the EP.”


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