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Girl of My Dreams  

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Album | Pop | 37 mins 20 secs | 16 September 2022

“Girl of My Dreams” is FLETCHER’s debut full-length album. It was released on September 16, 2022 through Capitol Records. The album features 4 singles including, “Her Body is Bible”, “Becky’s So Hot”, “Sting” and “Better Version”. In a press release, FLETCHER said:

“For my debut album it felt right to do a deeper dive into self-exploration, and all the different facets that make up who I am. I wanted it to be the most honest, raw, and complete representation of the complex and sensitive-ass Pisces that I’ve always been. It took a long time and a lot of reflection to create a body of work like that, but it’s important to me that my music comes directly from lived experience.”


Type: Full-length Album
Label: Capitol Records, Snapback Entertainment LLC, UMG Music
Writer(s): Cari Fletcher, Alex Hope, Ali Payami,

Producers: Alex Hope, Ali Payami, Jennifer Decilveo Release Date: 16 September 2022


1.) “Sting” 3:07
2.) “Guess We Lied…” 2:31
3.) “Birthday Girl” 3:17
4.) “Becky’s So Hot” 2:42
5.) “Better Version” 2:53
6.) “Conversations” 3:04
7.) “Serial Heartbreaker” 2:13
8.) “Her Body Is Bible” 2:57
9.) “I Think I’m Growing?” 1:32
10.) “Girl Of My Dream” 3:32
11.) “Holiday” 3:13
12.) “I Love You, Bitch” 2:53
13.) “For Cari” 3:20
Bounus Tracks (click to view)
14.) “20 Something” 3:33
15.) “Pussy Is Bible” 2:57
Target Exclusive (click to view)
14.) “Fuckboy” 2:15
15.) “Riot” 2:41



“Sting” is about getting hung up on an ex-partner after a relationship has run its course. In the first verse, FLETCHER references her last EP, The S(Ex Tapes) and “All Love” with the lyrics, “Fucked up, made a couple sex tapes / All love, whenever I hear your name”

Guess We Lied...

“Guess We Lied…” is a remix/re-imagining of FLETCHER’s song, “If you’re Gonna Lie”. The chorus of both songs are the same as the verses are different in this version. FLETCHER spins the meaning of the lyrics in the bridge, asking her flame to just leave her to make it easier. This time around, she is blaming both of them instead of just her ex.

Birthday Girl

FLETCHER is reminiscing on past/joint birthday celebrations as she shares the same birthday as her ex.

Becky's So Hot

“Becky’s So Hot” is the second single off of the album. It was initially teased on FLETCHER’s tiktok with the name “Becky” being censored — leading to speculation about the topic of the song. In an interview with Vulture when asked about the song, FLETCHER said:

“Becky’s So Hot” felt like a piece that was missing from the story. That song sort of existed outside of the way that I usually write. I happened to be in the studio writing something else, and I was creeping on my ex’s new girlfriend. She had posted a picture wearing an old vintage T-shirt that I’d worn before, and I accidentally liked the photo. She looked so hot that I was like, How can I even be mad?

Better Version

Better Version is the 3th and final single off of the album before it’s release. The song talks about how the next person you date/have a relationship with always gets a better version of you because you learn from your past mistakes. FLETCHER is realizing  that the next person her ex dates will get a better version of her. In an Instagram post, FLETCHER shares:

…one of my favorite songs i’ve ever written. the idea of 2 people moving on and someone else getting the “better version” of both of you is a concept that’s always hurt my heart. all the things you wanted to work on, all the ways you wanted to heal and show up differently in a relationship. something i wanted to capture while i was feeling it at the time. wrote this from a very sad space, but sharing it now unapologetically as a better version of myself is empowering for me. this is the last song you’ll hear until my debut album is out next week, where you’ll get to feel all my feelings and hear all my stories in the order that you’re supposed to – the journey of heartbreak to healing.


This song is about all of the thoughts that FLETCHER has running through her mind and how she copes with them

Serial Heartbreaker

In this song, FLETCHER talks about how she isn’t the best at breakups, but that’s ultimately how it (always) ends and her tendency to be very codependent in a relationship. In the second verse, FLETCHER references the album title “So many girl of my dreams” — revealing the double meaning: where the girl of her dreams refers to herself, and also refers to the object of her affection.

Her Body Is Bible

In this song, FLETCHER sings about meeting the perfect girl and how she instantly fell for her — worshiping this girls body.

I Think I'm Growing?

Throughout this song, FLETCHER is reminiscing on her past — things she has seen and experienced due to traveling for her job as a singer. She has taken the things she does/does not like and has learned from them. At the same time, she is struggling with not knowing what is coming next for her. She is using all of this to grow as a person.

Girl Of My Dreams

In the titular track of the album, FLETCHER is changing her tone and singing about herself. After most songs being about other people, FLETCHER wanted to focus on herself; starting to love herself. In an interview with Vulture, she said:

I’m always writing about other people, but what do I know about me, the person who’s writing these things? I’m getting closer to myself now. And this album isn’t me saying I’ve figured it all out. I have a lifetime ahead of me for that.


In “Holiday” FLETCHER starts out by accepting the fact that no matter what she does, people will talk about her. Leaving everything and everyone behind, she goes on a mental holiday (vacation). In the chorus, she references her song, Bitterwith the lyrics “I don’t miss the bitter taste” – where she used the taste of bitterness to represent the bitterness of her ex.

I Love You, Bitch

In this song, FLETCHER is realizing the power of self-love. The song was inspired by a self-help program the she was enrolled in. She told DIY Magazine that for one of the exercises, she was encouraged to look in the mirror:

One of the days, it was like, ‘Look in the mirror and say I love you and then your name’, and I was like, ‘How do I make this more me?’ So I’m looking in the mirror and I’m like ‘I love you, bitch. You are that bitch and I love you’. I wrote that on my mirror and it’s still there to this day.

In multiple songs on this album, FLETCHER uses the word “Bitch” as an encouraging name for herself.

For Cari

This song is a letter to/for herself. FLETCHER is having trouble accepting herself and what she’s done, but in a moment of confidence, she is putting the past behind her.

20 Something

FLETCHER sings about the struggles you face in your twenties. From feeling lonely, not knowing what you want, to overthinking about what people think of you.


FLETCHER wonders if she’s just messing around – and messing with others. She sings about how she isn’t good at staying in relationships, ultimately breaking hearts.


FLETCHER sings about being on the edge of an emotional breakdown after being effected by and bottling up feelings and it coming out in the form of a riot.



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